Saturday, March 5, 2011

Lesson #12 More Eyes pt. III

Going on with eyes folks~ Now this video by Mark Crilley is just amazing. In it, he draws 100 different eyes. Yeah, it's not just from just 1 manga style, but pretty much all of them, including one of my favorites; chibi. 
Since he draws just one eye from each pair of eyes, try and pause the video, draw the one eye, and draw the other one as a kind of reflection of the first one. And yup~! I think we'll do a lesson on chibis later ^-^


  1. You are very talented, sir.

  2. Thanks, that was pretty helpful.

  3. he makes drawing eyes seem easy

  4. Like other said, it looks so easy.

    Not sure if you recall, but I am looking for eyes to tattoo on the back of my head... number 18 looks like something I could use.

    I know your focus is manga, but since you are in all of this, could you post a vid with some more western-ish style?


  5. eyes are always one of the most dificult parts, that and body proportions