Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Lesson #16 Mizore Shirayuki

Allright, in Lesson #15 I promised to make a tutorial on how to draw Mizore Shirayuki, the girl in the template background for this blog (this picture). Here it is~

I apologize if the post seems a little rushed to you, that's because it is pretty rushed, but you should still be able to get the main point from the tutorial~ As you can see in the picture above, I drew our character by hand on paper first, edited the parts I didn't like that much, and scanned it into my computer~

I marked the 'skeleton' and some other points red here~
1. The circle I drew the face out of, see Lesson #2

2. A vertical guideline that helps us draw the face, also Lesson #2

3. A horizontal guideline for the same purpose, also found in Lesson #2

4. Limbs, decide where they go before you start drawing, see Lesson #1 and #10

5. Chest, also decide it's position before you start drawing, also found in Lesson #1 and #10

6. Hair, goes on after you've drawn the face, eyes and body, see Lesson #8 and #9

7. Eyes, goes on after you've drawn the shape of the head, along with the
    nose and mouth. See Lesson #13, or any other lesson on eyes.

Now we'll scan the drawing to our computer, and import it into a photo-editing software~ Personally I use Adobe Photoshop CS5, and it does everything I need it to do.
After importing it into a photo-editing software of your choice, find a suitable skin color and paint all the sections that shows skin. For the shadows, use a slightly darker color and paint it where it would be natural for the shadow to cast.
After adding the skin, start by adding the basic hair color, in this case; light purple. Now color all the fields where hair shows, don't be afraid to miss the outlines, you can easily remove the errors with a remover tool later. After you've finished the basic hair color, move on to the shadows in the hair, which is a little darker than the basic color. Place the shadow where you deem fit, try and be creative~! And after the shadows again, we can move on the the highlights, which is just white with a dash of purple. Try and put the highlights where it would be natural, pretend it's a light bulb above her head~
 And after you've erased everything that went outside the outlines, and added some color and shadow to the clothing it should look something like this~!

Tips: remember to make a new 'layer' (if you are using Photoshop) for every different color you use.
The first time you import your drawing to your photo-editing software, draw the characters outlines again to make it more clear~
This is a picture I took of my layers in Photoshop, after I had finished the drawing. It's important to be systematic when you use this software, since it's easy to forget about the layers~

And that's it for Mizore Shirayuki folks, I hope you learned something new today~
PS: click the pictures if the thumbnail is too small for you~


  1. looks so simple and still so hard to do it myself

  2. looks good, im having trouble with steps 1-7

  3. I love how the you can almost feel the soul of the character you drew by looking into the eyes.

  4. Thanks for another good tutorial.

  5. thats a good guide, but i really really hate that character... haha